Huge gap in Supply & Demand for Rural

For Businesses – Last Mile distribution is a very big challenge

For Consumers - 850 Mn Population in 6 lakhs+ villages not having right access to basic services like banking, finance, utilities, on-demand Services and products

Nearest ATM is at an avg 18+ Kms from a Village

Avg Nearest Super Store is 30 + Kms from a Village

Time to Market is 2.5 times compared to Urban


HESA is an integrated on-demand platform for connecting Consumers to Products, Banking & Services to Rural

  • Cheaper alternative
  • Accessibility
  • Convenience
  • Extra Income
  • Flexible Working
  • Connecting Last Mile
  • Large Footprint

Value Proposition

Unique Last Mile Connect for Buy & Sell at Rural

For Consumer

Access all needs, at your place


Earn more income

For Businesses

Large distribution network

HESA Platform

Product Aggregation


Aggregation of Products through API integration - deliver the products ordered to consumer through our CSA

Services Aggregation

Services & Utilities

Unique Services aggregation of Service Providers & Service Platforms and all Utility Payments

Banking & Financial Services

Micro ATM

All Banking & Financial Services as one-stop solution


  • Tab / Mobile and Laptop Compliant - Biometric device integrated
  • Enabled to integrate multiple Business Functions and APIs
  • Protected SSL / TLS Layer
  • Technologies used:
    • Angular 4, MVC Web API 2, MySQL Server, Syncfusion
  • Simple yet Powerful Engine for scaling upto 100000 locations

Business Model


Mapping every village through on-ground CSA network


Well established teams at rural Level-District-Mandal-Village Aggregation of Demand


Dedicated 24*7 in-house team for support & Maintainance


Delivary Service Level > 97% for customers. No Travel, No Hassle

Agri Focus

  • Forward Linkages
  • 1200 farmers on board
  • Crops handled: Mango, Tomato, Maize, Rice
  • Settlements & Disbursements
  • Tie-up with Diaries
  • 3000 diary farmers
  • Weekly settlements
  • Strategic Tie-ups for Agri loans, insurance, govt schemes
  • Tie-up with leading banks

Key Milestones

Apr 2020

Started Pilot in 3 locations with Banking, Utilities & Products Delivery

June 2020

Succesfully completed pilot and started first transaction. Onboarded 25 Nodal Points (CSAs)

July 2020

Expanded Base to 7 Districts of AP & Telangana
Started Delivery as a Service

Aug 2020

Expanded to 3000 locations of AP & Telangana

Unique Advantage

Reliability of Core Team
  • Strong Strategy & Execution Capabilities
  • Team has good mix of experience in creating large distribution channels
Market Size
  • 5lakhs + villages in India - the market size is very big
  • Rural Market size is FMCG @ 100 Billion +, Bill Payments @ 850 Million + and growing rapidly
Key insights about Platform
  • Balanced model - Revenues distributed across 3 Lines
    • Banking & Financial Services - High Volume & Low Margins
    • Products - Medium Volume & Medium Margins
    • Services - Low Volume & High Margins
Key insights about Market
  • Unaddressed and largely untapped
  • Uniqueness in terms of single platform offering
Technology Highlights
  • Platform which is scalable and future ready










  • Phase 1

    Telangana, Andhra Pradesh

  • Phase 2

    Karnataka, Orissa, Tamilnadu, Kerala

  • Phase 3

    Rajasthan, Punjab, UP, Uttaranchal

  • Phase 4

    Rajasthan, Punjab, UP, Uttaranchal

  • Phase 5

    Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkhand

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